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Fandom: Milliways, 24, Castle
Characters: Kate Warner, Kate Beckett, Lanie Parish
Pairings: none
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Beckett should never be trusted to organize a bachelorette.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Challenges: Written for a challenge from [ profile] sardonicynic : Castle/24/Milliways, Lanie + Beckett + Kate Warner, girls' night out, "Now we're going to have some fun."

Kate glanced around the room heaving with bodies from her vantage point at the raised bar. The band was playing some instrumental rock tune; not one she recognized, though she couldn't be sure whether that was because this world wasn't her own, or because she just hadn't heard the band before.

She leaned closer to Beckett, who was trying to flag down a bartender. "Lot of women here tonight," Kate said, raising her voice over the din.

Beckett's friend Lanie grinned. "That's why they call it Girlstown--one place you can go to have a drink with friends without getting hit on by some drunken asshole."

"That and a couple other reasons, but basically, yeah," Beckett said with a quick, sparkling glance at Lanie before finally getting a bartender's attention, preventing Kate from asking just what she meant.

Cosmos and mojitos finally in hand, Beckett pointed toward one of the tables near a secondary stage where the crowd was thinner, most of those in the club flocking to the dance floor or the bar itself.

Kate took a sip of her cosmo, slipping her feet out of her high heels. So far her bachelorette party was going great, but the fun they'd been having didn't completely outweigh the ache in her arches.

"Having fun?" Beckett asked, as if reading Kate's mind.

"Yeah. I haven't done something like this in ages." Actually she couldn't remember when the last time was she'd had a not-so-wild night out with the girls. She'd been trying to take care of things for Marie and her Dad for so long, then after things had fallen apart, after Marie had been charged, convicted of treason, most of the friends she had--more like good acquaintances, really--had faded away. "Thanks so much for putting all this together for me."

Lanie grinned. "Don't thank her too much. It gives her and excuse to get out and do something for once."

"This coming from someone who's around dead people all day?" Beckett said with the ease of a familiar argument.

"And at night I'm very much among the living."

Beckett opened her mouth to answer when the band hit a final chord and the stage next to them lit up. A blonde woman with mile-long legs walked out, Marilyn-Monroe-inspired red dress fluttering around her.

"Good evening ladies! It's time for our main event!" she said, waiting a beat for the roar of the crowd. "First, let's all give a warm, enthusiastic welcome to one of our boys in blue, Officer Brett!"

A black curtain behind her lifted, and Kate caught sight of Officer Brett, who was tall, dark haired, and whose skin-tight shirt and short shorts definitely were not NYPD regulation.

Kate turned to Beckett, horror and embarassment making her face feel hot. "Kate! I told you no strippers!"

Beckett grinned. "If I remember correctly, you said I couldn't hire a stripper, Kate."

"Now we're going to have some fun," Lanie said, sipping her cosmopolitan.

Kate gaped for a moment, not sure what to say as Officer Brett gyrated his way to the front of the stage. Then she did the only thing she could do; she threw her head back and laughed.
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