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Fandom: 24
Characters: Jack Bauer, Teri Bauer, Nina Myers, OC
Pairings: Jack/Teri (pre-marriage), Jack/Nina
Rating: PG-R
Summary: Drabbles fitting different versions or aspects of Jack Bauer.
Warnings: Hint of sexual content.
Challenges:  Written for the 28 Flavours Meme.
Originally written: May 1-5, 2006

Falling-Down-A-Lot Jack

There was a loud thud from behind the table and Eileen Bauer turned from the stove quickly. "Jack?" she says, worried, hurrying around the table. He's down on his hands and knees, but when she goes to help him up, he wriggles out of her grasp, his face set with determination.

"Fine, then, do it your own way," she says with a sigh, sitting back on her heels. "God, you're stubborn."

With a determined expression, Jack slowly gets his feet under him, straightening. His eyes firmly on the floor, he lifts one sneakered foot, and places it in front of him. Lifting the other sneakered foot, he totters for a moment and falls, this time flat on his rump.

Eileen reaches out to him, to help him up, but a bellowed "NO!" is the only thanks she gets, and she sits back, crossing her arms and watching him.

He rolls over onto his stomach, then repeats the process of getting onto his hands and knees. It's the same routine she's been seeing for days, until he goes to put that second foot forward, and then...

And then he puts his foot down firmly.

Slowly he lets go of the chair, his face fixed with determination. He wobbles for a moment, but rights himself. Eileen watches, not realizing that she's holding her breath. Almost...he's almost there...

"Come on, you can do it," she says, softly.

The left sneaker goes up, and comes back down, then the right. Left. Right. Left. Right. Always wobbly but never falling, at least until he takes one more step and falls forward, into her lap.

Eileen picks him up, twirling him around, grinning so hard her cheeks hurt. "You did it! You walked on your own!"

Holding him above her head, her long, blonde curls flying, the sound of womanly laughter and a toddler's delighted screeches echo off the walls of the kitchen.

Naive Jack

"That was quick, with Mason earlier today," Jack said, as he pulled Nina's jacket off her shoulders.

"We were driving into work together, Jack. You didn't try and think of something to say to explain that?" she says with that impish smile.

"I was too focussed on what CTU had to do. Good thing you were prepared, then, like a good Girl Scout."

"Do a get a badge?" she asks, helping him unbutton her blouse.

Jack grins, his seat on the bed the perfect place from which to plant a kiss on her collarbone, hands sliding under her skirt. "Yes you do. Do you want it now or later?"

She closes her eyes, arching slightly. "Now."

Losing-His-Cherry Jack

"Mmmm, that's good."

"I take it you like it, then."

"Mmm, oh yeah."

"I heard it's even better with chocolate sauce."



"You're such a brat, Theresa Doherty."

"I'm the youngest, that's my role."

"Mmmmmmmmm, and you're so good at it. You must have--hey!"

"What? Something wrong?"

"How come you got a cherry and I didn't?"

(innocent look)

"...And how come you have more whipped cream than I do?!"

"Because I spent all afternoon slaving over a hot stove for these."

"Liar, you stole my cherry! At least I got a bigger brownie than you."

"Yeah, but I got two cherries."

"Stealer." (poke)

"Loser." (nudge)

"I know you are, but what am I?" (nudge)

"Really mature, Jack. 'Specially with whipped cream on your mouth." (beat) (smooch!)


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