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Fandom: 24, Milliways
Characters: Jack Bauer, Christine Chappelle
Pairings: Jack/Chris
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Chris puts some new skills to good use.
Challenges: Inspired by this conversation.
Originally written: June 12, 2006

Chris irritably brushes a strand of hair out of her face, her scowl deepening.  "I thought this was supposed to be relaxing."

Elaine smiles serenely, which Chris just finds slightly irritating.  If she didn't know better, she'd say Elaine had been taking lessons from Moiraine.  "Well not when you're holding your needles so tightly.  You're not trying to strangle them."

"This just feels so awkward."  She tries to loosen up, but if she does, the needles don't do what she wants, the yarn slipping off instead of being pulled through the loop.  She has to wonder exactly how she got talked into this.  Yes, it was probably a good idea for her and Elaine to spend some quality time together, but how did that ever translate into learning to knit?  Why couldn't Elaine have taught her swordfighting or something?

Then again, considering things had been kind of tense between them, arming the two women with swords probably wasn't a good idea.

Her hands are starting to cramp and she drops her needles in her lap, scowling out at the lake.  This is so hopeless, she thinks.

She's just letting out a sigh when she hears a muttered expletive from Elaine.  Looking over, she can see Elaine scowling now, poking at her knitting with her needles.  She's dropped a stich--a term Chris is very familiar with by now--and it's laddered down about 4 rows.

Trying not to smile, Chris picks up her needles again. 

Unlocking her apartment door after work,  Chris bypasses the kitchen and living room without even taking off her shoes, instead heading straight to the door to the bar.  Nor does she stop in the bar, waving to a couple people she knows but heading directly for the stairs.

Reaching room 24, she lets herself in, only then pulling off her heels and dumping her briefcase on a chair.  In minutes her suit is tossed on the bed, exchanged for a pair of jeans and a sweater.  She turns on the TV as she flops onto the couch, grabbing her kniting from the basket next to the couch.  Despite her protests, knitting had gotten easier, and she's getting fairly proficient at it.  It does help her unwind after a long day, and besides, she can fantasize about driving the metal needles through the skull of anyone that's pissed her off that day.

She doesn't look up as the door opens, but she lowers her hands at the gentle touch of a hand on her shoulder, the feeling of lips brushing against her cheek.  "What are you working on now?"

"Mmmm.  Socks for Caiti."  Jack's hands knead her shoulders and her hands fall into her lap, her eyes closing.

"When are you going to knit something for me?" he asks, his voice teasing.

"Can't.  Boyfriend Sweater Curse.  Knit something for a guy you're not married to and you'll break up."

"So you can't make me anything?"

"Well, I don't know if that counts with everything.  Something small might be safe.   Ohhhh..."  She trails off, her muscles feeling like Jello as he works on a knot in her upper back.

"Long day at work?"

"Yeah.  Tiring."

She feels the soft touch of his lips against her neck, in that one spot that sends tingles down to her toes.  "Not too tired, I hope."

She pulls away so she can turn her head, grinning at him.  "Not that tired," she says, leaning in for a kiss.

Later that night, she's back in her apartment, checking a couple things on her computer.  At first she'd been doing work, but that had changed to browsing through free knitting patterns, trying to think of something she could knit for Jack.   He hadn't seemed like it would bother him after all, and his birthday was coming up in a month.

She clicks on another link and nearly chokes on her coffee as she tries to keep from spraying it all over the monitor.

You've got to be kidding me.  No one would ever really...  Would they?

She stares at it for a moment, before she starts to grin.   I wonder if the Boyfriend Curse applies to that?

As soon as the door's closed behind them, Jack tugs off his tie, tossing it over a chair.  Chris hardly has time to shrug her coat off before he wraps his arms around her, pulling her close.  "That was a wonderful birthday, sweetheart.  Thank you," he says, leaning in to kiss her.

Chris melts into the kiss for a moment, then pulls back, grinning.  She can't get distracted just yet.  "No so fast.  I have one more present for you."

He raises an eyebrow, a mischevious smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.  "Oh really?"

"Just give me one second," she says, giving him a peck on the lips before walking into the bedroom.  She's back a second later, a gift bag stuffed with tissue paper in her hand.  She tries not to laugh at Jack's slight look of puzzlement as she walks back into the living room; no doubt he was expecting her to walk out in something from Victoria's Secret.

"One last present," she says, handing him the bag.  He takes a seat on the couch, pulling out the tissue paper.  Even though she's watching his face, not his hands, she can spot the exact moment he finds his gift.


"Well you were wondering when I was going to knit you something," she says, trying her hardest not to giggle at his puzzled expression.

He pulls it out by the cord, the knitted pouches dangling in a way that made it very hard not to crack up.  "...Uh, what is it?"

"Something to keep your most important appendage warm," she says, her straight face cracking.

"My most imp--"  She can see the tumblers click together in his mind.  "You mean it's for--"

"Well," she says, her voice rising a little as she starts to laugh, "I did say I could knit you something small."

He tries to glare at her, but she can see his eyes twinkling.  "Oh really?" he says, and in a swift move, he's pushing her back on the couch, leaning over her.  He grins, one hand stroking over her hip to her waist.  "Well you know what they say: it's what you do with what you have that counts."


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