Jul. 8th, 2010

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Fandom: 24
Characters: Jack Bauer, Renee Walker
Pairings: Jack/Renee
Rating: PG
Summary: In an alternate S8, Jack and Renee have some confessions to make once everything is over.
Spoilers: Up to the first half of 8x17 (see author's note)
Warnings: None
Challenges: written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon for the prompt, "24, Renee Walker" with a preference for AU.
Originally written: June 24, 2010
Author's Note: For this AU, I've included canon up to 8x17.  However, instead of Jack and Renee returning to his apartment, Renee convinced Jack to go back to CTU before they arrived at his apartment, to find any remaining conspirators in President Hassan's death.  At some point, this involved going after people in the Russian Embassy, but with US government permission and no legal ramifications (the explanation for which, I leave up to the reader's imagination as this was commentfic :D).


Renee had only just peeled off her jacket and poured herself a glass of water when the buzzer in her apartment sounded. )
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Fandom: 24, Castle
Characters: Jack Bauer, Kate Beckett
Pairings: Bauer/Beckett
Rating: PG (this segment only)
Summary: Beckett faces a Castle-less summer.
Spoilers: Season finale of S2 of Castle
Warnings: none for this segment

The first thing Beckett saw on walking into the squad room after lunch was Ryan and Esposito killing themselves laughing over something on Ryan's computer. )


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